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Winning Study Plan for Scholarship Application Submissions

A Complete Guide With Definition, Step by Step Procedure to Write a Study Plan and Tips

I am sure almost every one of you must have prepared a study plan to keep yourself on track at least once in your school life. But do you know scholarship applications have a mandatory requirement to submit a Study plan as well?

Now think of thousands of candidates submitting ‘Study Plan Schedule Document’; making it tough for you to win a fully funded scholarship! So, I’ve written this article in order to guide students on how they can write a winning study plan essay to win a scholarship abroad. I’ll be sharing a top-secret recipe that i also used in my times to draft my study plan essay that made me win the scholarship.

You will be surprised to know that preparing one to go along with your scholarship applications can in fact increase your chances of landing a funding award for your higher education.

Interested in knowing how you can compose the ideal study plan that will hold the potential of ‘wowing’ your scholarship application reviewers? Stay tuned to this article till the end and get to know all that you need to.

Let’s get started!

Defintion of Study Plan:

Although almost every one of you must know what a study plan is, I will still spare few sentences describing what a study plan for scholarships is and how it differs from a normal study plan.

How can we define a study plan for scholarships?

A study plan for scholarship application is a document required to go alongside your scholarship application which contains the details such as the candidate’s objectives, scholastic goals, the execution plan of study, highlighting the novelty of the study, and a personalized timetable.

In addition to this, a study plan essay also indicates the steps and measures that the candidate will adopt to achieve the set goals and what the applicant intends to do after completing the studies under an organization’s expenses.

How does a study plan for scholarship differ from a normal study plan?

While a normal study plan is composed by a student to stay motivated, scheduled, and keep a check on the study objective timeline. But a study plan for scholarships goes an extra mile by not only doing the above said, but also by indicating to the reviewing panel the goals set by a potential candidate by giving insights on seriousness and passion for the studies.

Guide to Create a Study Plan for Scholarships

Here is an easy 6 step procedure, after following which you can draft a winning study plan for yourself and impress the scholarship panel.

Step 1: The intention of your study plan:-

As the first step, you will need to underline the main intention of drafting a study plan. Ask yourself questions like, is it for a scholarship? Is it just for my college admissions? What is my target audience and how do I intend to benefit from this study plan?

Step 2: Conduct research for your study plan:-

After determining the reason for your study plan, you will now need to move on to the next step, that is, the researching phase.

Since in this case, the study plan is targeting a scholarship committee, you will need to spend some extra hours doing proper research for your study plan. 

Make sure that you note down all the points that add to the value of your study plan, and also those specific ones to which the reviewing authorities require answers, like how you plan to make use of your degree, once completed.

Step 3: Indicate Study Objectives and Novelty of Proposed Study Project

As a student, you need to demonstrate how productive you will be in study projects or the research world. Make sure to write about 1-2 study objectives with the novelty. Share plan of execution, funding, and assistance requirement, and expected time duration to get the expected results.

Step 4: Create a time table for your study plan:-

Fourthly, you will need to create a time table for your study plan essay. 

Creating a time table enables you to determine exactly how you divide your day, and how much time you allot to each activity.

While creating a timetable, including even the most minor of activities, be it related to your school, work, or home so that it gets easy for you to alter your time table, without disturbing your entire routine.

Step 5: Plan everything in your study plan:-

By using the timetable in your study plan, plan everything ahead of time. For example, if you notice that weekends are the most productive time for you, mark them in your calendars and block the times you find suitable for your studies, and no matter what happens, do not schedule anything else on those times.

Step 6: Define your study goals in your study plan:-

Once you start your classes, you will get to know the subjects that you lag behind in. 

Keep them in your mind and mention them in your study plan so that you what exactly you need to focus on in that study session.

Step 6: Stick to your study schedule in your study plan:-

Lastly, follow the routine that you have made in your study plan as if your life depends on it. And if the thought of skipping your study session crosses your mind, pinch yourself as skipping it once means you are likely to skip it again.

Secrets to Compose the Winning Study Plan for your scholarship:-

Here are some of our top tips on how you can make the most out of study plan for scholarship application submission:

  • Keep it realistic:-

Keeping your timetable realistic and planning ahead of time is a great way to create a realistic study plan.

For instance, if you have an appointment with the dentist the next week, pre-mark it so that you can manage your studies by adding a few hours the day before.

  • Wrap it up with a short summary:-

Summarizing the whole theme of your study plan in a few sentences at the end gives it a more professional look and impresses the reviewer.

  • Personalize it:-

No one knows you better than you do. Create your study plan in a way that helps you stay productive throughout the day.

And keep some time for yourself as well. Hang out with friends or go on a lunch with your family to stay energized for the rest of the week.

  • Keep modifying your study plan:-

Your goals at the start of the year may not be the same till the end of the year. So, update your study plan from time to time to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Recheck it before submitting:-

Recheck your study plan to avoid any typos and errors which may tamper the charm of your study plan. 

Get Set Go! Start Writing Your Study Plan!

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Now comes the time for you to start preparing your study plan for scholarships. Good luck with your applications.

If you still have some unanswered questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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