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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 2022: Study for free in Canada!

Scholarship Deadline July 31, 2022
Open for Applications November 22, 2021
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity Canadian Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country Canada

The Canadian Government is at the time is inviting online applications for the fully-funded Vanier Graduate Scholarships 2022-2023 academic session.

So take your chances to study in Canada’s prestigious universities, especially on a scholarship program, which is a dream of so many students. But this whole process is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of effort, day and night struggles, and passion. Countries like Canada are doing a tremendous job in the field of education. It has several scholarships to offer for international and local students. 

In the same way, Vanier Canada Scholarship is one of the academic funding programs that started in 2008 in honor of a Canadian soldier called George Philias Vanier. It is a postgraduate scholarship program for the minds with extra intelligence and unusual leadership qualities to pursue their post-graduation education.

The admissions applications for the Vanier Canada Scholarship 2022-2023 are now open online until November 2, 2022. Prepare your documents at your earliest and apply for this scholarship as soon as possible.

In this article, we will shed light on the relevant details of this distinguished scholarship program.

Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship Summary:

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Host University: Canadian Universities
  • Funded by: Government of Canada
  • Degree Level: Ph.D. & MS leading to a Ph.D. degree program
  • Type of scholarship: Fully-Funded scholarship program
  • Number of Scholarships: Up to 166 awards
  • Duration: 3 years

Eligibility Criteria:

To become eligible for the Vanier Canada Scholarship program, the candidate must comply with the mentioned eligibility criteria. Refrain from applying if you do not fulfill any of the stated criteria.

  • The candidate must be a Canadian national or an international student.
  • The nomination of the candidate must be done by an institution having a Vanier GCS quota.
  • The candidate must be a full-time student in any Canadian university and enrolled in a Ph.D. program.
  • The candidate applying for the Vanier scholarship must be doing his first Ph.D. program.
  • Candidates having a scholarship or fellowship for a doctoral degree with these three Canadian agencies like; CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC are ineligible to apply.
  • A first-class average score in the previous two years of study.
  • Students enrolled in joint programs are eligible.
  • However, the candidates pursuing a degree in Ph.D. will also get funds.
  • The student must enroll in a program as a full-time student. But if due to some reasons, it is not possible, apply as a part-time student in an institution.
  • Canadian Government employees are also eligible, with unpaid leaves.
  • The interested candidates can apply for Vanier and agency-specific Ph.D. scholarships. But they can only go for one scholarship at a time.
  • The research proposal or study plan of the candidate must have a research novelty for the thesis or research project.

Funding Allowances of Vanier Canada Scholarships:

  1. A grant of 50,000$ for the selected candidates for three consecutive years.
  2. Residence facility with health coverage plan.
  3. Funding for books, participation in conferences, and carrying out experiments.
  4.  The candidate can pursue a degree program in his choice of university.
  5. The degree program might be partially or fully funded. It all depends upon the following things of the candidate; Research proposal, academic achievements, leadership qualities and potential in the candidate.

Fields of Study:

Below are the fields in which the interested candidate can conduct the research and apply for the Vanier Canada Scholarship program.

  • Engineering
  • Health & Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences & Humanities

How to apply for Vanier Canada Scholarship?

The process of application is a bit different here as compared to other Canadian scholarships program.

  1. Students cannot directly submit their applications for the Vanier Canada Scholarship program.
  2. First, they will find a suitable university having Vanier’s GCS quota. After this, gather all necessary information and start filling the application form.
  3. Fill the form at ResearchNet form with all the requirements.
  4. However, the language of the application will be French or English.
  5. Submit the documents in the mentioned format with the application before the internal submission date. Please note, this date might vary with other universities.
  6. Once the application gets submitted to the nominating university, the candidate will receive an email regarding the application submission.
  7. After reviewing the application from all aspects, the university or the institution will nominate that candidate further for the scholarship.
  8. Lastly, the nominations of the students will send for the Vanier Scholarship by the institution. This process will take place before the application deadline.

Steps to complete a Vanier Graduate Scholarship Application:

  • First, confirm your eligibility.
  • Then, contact the institution of your choice with the Vanier GCS quota.
  • Inform the faculty about your intent to apply for the research program.
  • Get yourself registered for the ReserachNet and Canadian Common accounts.
  • Do not forget to create a link for the ResearchNet application and CCV.
  • Start your application by identifying your area of research.

List of Documents needed for Vanier Graduate Scholarship Application:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Application Deadline: Nov 2, 2022:

There are two application deadlines for the Vanier Canada scholarship program. The first one is for the selected Canadian institute, and the second is for the direct Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship applicants which is November 2, 2022, for the academic session of 2023-2024.

University Internal Deadline: This deadline varies with every other institution. Kindly check the ResearchNet website for it.

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It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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