Turkish Scholarships

Turkey Success Scholarships 2022 for International Students and Researchers

Scholarship Deadline November 30, 2021
Open for Applications August 1, 2021
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity Turkish Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country Turkey

The Turkish Government recently spilled a large number of fully funded Turkish Success Scholarships 2022 for international students, scholars, teachers, and research associates. These Turkey scholarships cover full educational fees, residence and monthly allowances, health coverage, and different other benefits.

The Turkiye Burslari Success Scholarship puts candidates in one of Turkey’s leading 50 universities depending on their academic achievements. It offers financial assistance as well as a year’s Turkish communication program to help students adjust to the culture modification and feel easier while they are in Turkey.

Turkey Success Scholarships is a scholarship initiative that encourages competition and is supported by the Turkish government, which awards exceptional students full-time or short-term courses at Turkey’s highest quality colleges. It opens up a gateway for deserving students to learn through fresh experiences, have access to exposure, and give back to their country with the gained knowledge. This opportunity is currently accessible and is accepting online applications from all international students.

With the most successful exchange programs, Turkey has a wide range of colleges available and holds diversity in degrees offered. It ranks itself in the second position in the world that has accessibility to quality higher education with a 94% rate of schooling. If you’re interested in applying to Turkey on a scholarship basis, this opportunity is for you.

Activities for Turkey Success Scholarship WInners:

Workshops, conventions, cultural activities, sporting events, internships, vocational assistance, and coaching are all part of the Success scholarship program. These engagements allow international students to discover the Turkish culture while also receiving individual and career counseling.

This Turkey Scholarship Program supports all three levels of courses; Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. Below is an overview of the process for applying and the requirements you will need to follow.

Turkey Success Scholarships Coverage Allowances

For all levels of courses, the selected students for the Turkish Success Scholarship will be awarded the following benefits:

  • Covered tuition fee
  • A monthly stipend
  • Transportation allowances
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid for a Turkish language course
  • Accommodation support

Eligibility Criteria for Turkey Success Scholarship

be ready to fulfill the following requirements if you are thinking to apply for the Turkish Success Scholarship program:

  • This Turkish scholarship is accessible to students from all over the world. 
  • Candidates who have been awarded their undergraduate degree at the completion of this academic year are qualified to apply. 
  • Undergraduates must have a grade point average of approximately 70%. It is 75% for master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • Candidates for the professions of pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry must have a grade point average of at least 90%.
  • Undergraduate candidates must be below the age of 21. Entrants for master’s degrees should be under 30 years old, and Ph.D. aspirants must be under 35 years old.
  • Residents of Turkey, whether existing or former, are ineligible to participate.
  • Applicants who are currently enrolled at Turkish institutions are ineligible to register.

How to Apply for the Turkey Success Scholarship?

Those taking an interest in applying for the Turkey Success Scholarship can do so online. Candidates need to thoroughly check the guidelines before filling out the online application. The candidates must upload their documentation to the designated online website rather than sending them through the post office or email.  Candidates are mandated to choose 12 colleges that they prefer to study in. Students will be assigned to one of them based on their educational history and accomplishments. Because there is no registration fee, candidates must avoid any third party that demands payment in return for submitting an application.

List of Required Documents for Submitting Application for Turkey Scholarship:

Following is the list of documents that the candidates must submit in order to apply for the Turkish Scholarships Programs, via the online application form of Turkish Grants: 

  • A valid National Identification Card. In case one does not have one, the candidate is required to submit a valid passport.
  • The student’s most current picture. It is crucial to remember that the picture the candidate puts into the online process must be a genuine portrait of them; candidate images that are not recognizable may reduce the application’s chances of being considered.
  • Exam results from across the country. For applicants who do not have any foreign qualifications or certifications, this is compulsory.
  • Academic transcripts, diploma or provisional certificate of graduation Using screenshots from the internet or unaccredited documents will jeopardize the candidate’s application’s review.
  • If the targeted college requires it, international exam scores such as the GRE or GMAT are necessary. The type of exam will be specified by the university, under the candidate’s choice of degree.
  • Results on language requirements. This may vary from university to university and program to program.  
  • A research proposal, as well as a sample of the candidate’s written work, is required. This is a prerequisite for anyone seeking a doctorate degree.

Application Deadline for the Turkey Success Scholarship

The application deadline for the Turkish Success Scholarship is November 30, 2021.

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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