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Turkey Government Scholarships 2022 for BS, MS, PHD: Applications Accepted Online

Here’s How You Can Study in Turkey on Scholarship 

Scholarship Deadline February 20, 2022
Open for Applications January 8, 2022
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity Turkish Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country Turkey

Turkiye Burslari in co-operation with Turkish MOE is offering Turkey Scholarships 2022 to international students for Bachelors’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs globally.

Turkey presents the fully funded Turkiye Burslari scholarship programs to overseas students from across the globe to attend Turkey’s top prominent colleges. This is in addition to giving world academic prospects and a plethora of skills, exposure, and understanding.

Turkey Government Scholarships are a rigorous publically-funded scholarship program that awards exceptional students and researchers to study comprehensive or short-term degrees at Turkey’s high-quality colleges. The goal of the Turkey Scholarships program is to create a community of emerging leaders devoted to enhancing international engagement and shared knowledge.

This Turkish scholarship is distinctive in terms that its offers college positioning and educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities to its grantees throughout every stage of higher education, in addition to monetary assistance, student fees, housing, and medical coverage.

Coverage Allowances of Turkish Government Scholarships

This Turkey Government scholarship plan provides degrees from all across 50 of Turkey’s greatest and highly reputable colleges, as well as a year of the Turkish language class that guarantees that every learner adjusts to their new social and cultural surroundings.

Turkey Scholarships, furthermore, assists overseas students with all essential facilities and processes to help them live at ease in Turkey. Accommodation, medical coverage, a student bank account, and a residency license, as well as a one-year language course, are all included. 

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Programs

  • College and program assignment
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Fully Paid College Fee
  • Travel Expense
  • Medical Coverage
  • Dormitories 
  • Fully Paid Language Classes 

It is important to note that the duration of the Turkish language course will vary as it is dependent on the program chosen by the candidate.

What Programs Are Available Under the Turkey Scholarship?

Anyone applying for this scholarship must know that there are a variety of options available for them to choose from. Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees are open for candidates to apply. Below is a list of all disciplines that are accessible under the Turkey Scholarship: 

  • Undergrad
  • Masters
  • Ph.D. 
  • Research Work

Eligibility Criteria of Turkey Scholarships

For the candidate to be qualified to apply for the Turkey Scholarship they must fit in the following lines: 

  • The candidate must have at least 70% in their overall high school grades to apply for a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • To be eligible in applying for the Master’s and Doctoral degrees, the candidate must have 75% in their Bachelor’s degree. 
  • The candidate must have 90% to be eligible for applying in the Health Sciences. 
  • The candidate must be below the age of 21 for Undergraduate disciplines. 
  • The candidate must be below the age of 30 for a Master’s. 
  • The candidate must be below the age of 35 for a Doctoral. 
  • Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply as there is no country limited to this Turkey scholarship opportunity.
  • Candidates completing their studies before the month of August are eligible to apply. 
  • Researchers and academicians are encouraged to apply. 
  • Permanent residents of Turkey or individuals who have lost their rights to citizenship are not eligible to apply. 
  • Candidates who have currently applied to their preferred colleges through regular means are not eligible as well.

How to Apply for Turkish Scholarships?

The application procedure for the Turkey Government Scholarship is straightforward and via the official portal for submission. There are no agencies or third parties approved for applying to this scholarship. Following are some steps you can follow to guarantee your application fully goes through: 

  • All aspirants are highly recommended to understand the application platform’s guidelines and precautions attentively.
  • Candidates must upload and submit all relevant paperwork to the online portal. The attachment of documents can be done through scanning. 
  • The scanned paperwork must be clearly visible. 
  • No submissions can be approved if they are sent through the mail, courier, or person.
  • There is no cost for submitting an application. Kindly avoid all third-party entities or individuals that propose to submit an application on your account for a price.
  • The Turkey Scholarships combine the benefits of a scholarship and a university placement. Candidates will be assigned to a college and program based on their top 12 choices in the application method.

Required Documents for Turkey Scholarship Application:

Following is the list of documents that one must submit through the online portal of Turkey Scholarships: 

  • A valid National Identification Document OR a valid Passport
  • A fresh picture of the applicant. It is necessary to point out that the picture of the applicant is mandated to be an accurate self-portrait. In the case, the picture is not detectible the whole application will be compromised. 
  • Academic transcripts and exam scores as per the requirement of the programs the candidate has opted for. This is mandatory for applicants who have no foreign qualifications. Unattested documentation will compromise the candidate’s admission possibility. More so, screenshots of transcripts are not allowed. The paperwork must be scanned. 
  • Proof of graduation or provisional graduation certificate.
  • In the case the opted program and college mandates, the candidate must take the test and submit scores for GRE, SAT, GMAT, ILETS, or YDS, etc. 
  • In the case the candidate’s choice of college and program requires, they must submit language test scores. 
  • Ph.D. candidates must submit a new research proposal or one they have written previously. And Master’s degree applicants need to provide a study plan whereas undergrad students can write a letter of intent (LOI).

Terms of Turkish Government Scholarships 2022-2023

  • The majority of courses in Turkish universities are taught in Turkish. Several departments and colleges, on the other hand, provide programmes in English and additional languages. Applicants for these programmes must possess an officially acknowledged language certificate demonstrating their conversational competency through TOEFL and/or other equivalent certificates. Many of these schools involve GRE, GMAT, SAT, and other foreign admissions assessments. Applicants can verify the teaching language when choosing programmes in the online process.
  • Any undergraduate applicants who have overseas credentials including the SAT or GCSE rather than state test grades will be asked to submit the minimal requirements for finishing high school in accordance with these overseas examinations.
  • Any Turkey Scholarship recipients who do not have a C1 Level Certificate in Turkish Competence (as well as those enrolled in English or alternative languages teaching programmes) should register in a one-year Turkish Preparatory Course and complete the C1 Level Certificate before the conclusion of their educational term.

Application Deadline for Turkey Scholarships

The applicants are required to submit free online applications for Turkey Government Scholarships before February 20, 2022.

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It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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