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Top 20 Day 1 CPT Universities in USA

The Day 1 CPT are University of College courses or degree programs that allow their enrolled students to work and study together from day 1. Although, the field of the work must be relevant to the course selected at times.

Undoubtedly, the career and future of any person depend upon the chosen university and degree program. Both such things are equally important and can play as a game-changer. In the same way, selecting a prestigious university for a course study can take students to new heights and prepare them for life and work challenges. On the other hand, getting work experience during graduation helps to earn industry-related experience in the relevant field.

Studying in the USA at Day 1 CPT University gives you the chance to start employment and earn during the study period. Such universities offer degree programs that allow the students to work for a full-time or a part-time job while obtaining a degree at university.

What is CPT?

CPT is also known as Curricular Practical Training. That’s an employment program for all overseas students on an F1 visa. With its help, students work for paid internships and externships off-campus, and some even start their training on day 1 of the semester. Meanwhile, it is mandatory to complete the degree course that offers supervised fieldwork.

A few universities are offering CPT on the very first day. But some institutions do not allow the students to start CPT in the first and second semesters.

Types of CPT:

There are 3 types of CPT programs;

  • Course-based CPT
  • Cooperative CPT
  • Degree-based CPT

Course-based CPT:

Here, students can get the desired grades by designing an employment-based research project by themselves. If not this, then another route is to do the employment.

Degree-based CPT:

Here students have to do an internship to complete their final course work, and then they will get a degree.

Cooperative CPT:

When a formal educational agreement happens between the department and the employer, this CPT gets approved.

How is the CPT offered to students at university?

Just like every scholarship and degree program have some protocols and procedures, in the same way, there are a few rules through which CPT offers;

  • F1 students enrolled in the degree program for at least 1 year minimum can start the CPT.
  • Some universities do not allow the students to start CPT in the first and second semesters of their study program.
  • Students can do their training program from day 1 if mentioned in the curriculum.

List of 20 DAY 1 CPT Universities:

Always choose the university wisely and make sure to check if they are CPT listed or not. Following is the list of USA top 20 universities offering Day 1 CPT to the F1 visa holder students.

  1. Vanderbilt University:

It is a university located in Nashville, Tennessee. Offers graduate and undergraduate programs. Vanderbilt University consists of four different colleges and schools:

  • Peabody College of Human Development and Education. 
  • Blair School of Music.
  • College of Science and Arts.
  • The School of Engineering.

Vanderbilt University is known for offering Day1 CPT to all students enrolled in a variety of degree programs. Moreover, also offer Neuroscience, Arts, Physics, Child & American Studies, and Chemistry related degree programs.

  1. Institute of Technology in New Jersey:

One of the finest universities in the country. It is consist of several best colleges, offering different degrees to the students;

  • Newark College for Engineering.
  • The Hillier College of Design & Architecture.
  • Management school of the Martin Tuchman. 
  • The College of Liberal Arts & Science.
  • Ying Wu Computing College. 
  • Albert Dorman Honors College.

This university has also achieved many prestigious awards. Students enrolled here in Science, Business, Engineering, and Math programs can go for Day 1 CPT.

  1. Westcliff University:

A university located in California. It is known for giving Day 1 CPT to all of its overseas students from the very first day of the semester. It has two colleges for its students that includes;

  • Business College for MBA, BBA, DBA, MIST, MSCS; Undergraduate & Graduate Programs.
  • Another one is Education College for BAED, MA TESO, TSOL programs.

Indeed, this Westcliff University is outstanding for providing a great learning experience via theoretical and practical approaches.

  1. Trine University:

It is a well-known university in the USA, the state of Indiana. This university offers Day 1 CPT programs with a Bachelor’s degree in different programs like;

  • Arts and Health sciences.
  • Education.
  • Engineering.
  • Computing.
  • Business.

It is a wonderful choice for any candidate to get admission into such outclass institution because of offering Master’s degree as well in;

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Administration
  • Physician Assistant Studies
  • Science in Information Studies
  • Lastly, Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  1. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology:

Also knowns as HUST. Students studying here can start their work training program from the beginning of the first or second semester.

A student must need a job offer to apply for CPT. Meanwhile, students involved with the CPT will do a full-time job of 40 hours/ week.

  1. North America University:

North American University offers Day 1 CPT to all the interested candidates. Moreover, students can go for either a full-time or a part-time job. If a student wants to apply for CPT, he must be a full-time student in a specific university.

Meanwhile, an Applied Learning Agreement will get signed between the UONA and employer. It will finalize and confirm the job with the employer. This agreement will allow the university to obtain any personal information about the student from the employer.

  1. Globe University:

Globe University holds the classes of students every 11 weeks during their training program. In this way, students can work and study concurrently.

  1. Monroe College:

An extraordinary college in New York, offering various undergraduate programs like;

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Culinary
  • Criminal justice
  • Education & Hospitality 

However, Master’s degree programs include;

  • Computer science & Health care administration
  • Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Hospitality & Education

All the students studying here can start the CPT from day 1 in such listed programs.

  1. Lindenwood University:

Also known as LU, founded in St. Charles, Missouri. The sole focus of this university is to give high-quality education to the students. Another exciting thing about this university is that it is offering various undergraduate and accelerated undergraduate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Military science, Aerospace studies, etc.

  1. Wichita State University:

It is a university in Kansas, United States of America. Students here have a chance to work part-time during the spring and fall semesters. Meanwhile, students can also go for full-time work during the winters and summer break.

  1. United States University:

That is a university in San Diego, California. It is offering Day 1 CPT to all eligible overseas students enrolled in the following departments;

  • Business intelligence.
  • A Teaching Credentialing Preparation Program.
  • MAEd.
  • Nursing and Health Science.

Also, students can start their CPT if they can prove that their employment is related to the degree program. However, students cannot engage in CPT during vacations.

  1. International Technological University:

The University of California ITUS focuses on the skills development of students. It is known for offering a renowned internship program that every student has to complete to get the degree. All the students must check the requirements for this internship program at the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

  1. Sullivan University:

Students enrolled in the MBA program here can start the CPT if they have completed one year in an accredited university. Also, students have to get themselves registered in the management externship program.

However, a student must show the relation between his work experience and coursework in the final essay and midterm. A failure in this will take away the chance from students to continue with CPT.

  1. Goldey-Beacom College:

All the F1 visa holder students can start their CPT after completing one academic year in an accredited university.

But, if a student fails to comply with the eligibility criteria due to any reason, he will complete three semesters in Goldey-Beacom College to avail of CPT.

  1. Infoserve Technologies Institute:
  • It is also offering Day 1 CPT at its institution in different programs. 
  • But for the exact details related to the programs offered and CPT rules, visit their official website.
  1. Hamline University:
  • It is a university in Minnesota.
  • The students with an F1 visa can start the training program from day 1.
  • Students enrolled in the undergraduate program will do 20 hours per week jobs.
  • Similarly, those who are doing a Master’s will do a 40 hours job.
  1. University of the Cumberland:
  • The university is in Williamsburg, Kentucky, offering a variety of programs in Liberal arts.
  • Meanwhile, it is also giving admission into the Master’s, Doctorate, and Bachelor’s degrees.
  • One can also get enrolled in Psychology, Physician, Assistant studies & Business administration.
  1. Knowledge System Institute:
  • A student has to enroll in any computer course or related field to qualify for the part-time CPT offered by the Knowledge System Institute.
  • Additionally, it is prohibited to do the CPT during vacations, holidays, and gaps.
  • For a full-time CPT, the summer semester is the option. 
  1. Virginia International University:

A student must be a full-time student in any certified university for one year only if he wants to apply for CPT here.

Other than this, the requirement criteria vary with degree programs. Hence, a student must contact the Academic Advisor and Registrar first before going to the International Student Services Office.

  1. Stratford University:
  • Students studying at this institution can do a CPT of 20hours only if they are doing an undergraduate program.
  • Meanwhile, students doing a Master’s degree will do a 40 hour CPT.
  • According to another requirement, students are directed to complete a minimum of three semesters here.


Above is the list of USA top twenty universities offering CPT since Day 1 to overseas students. So, make sure to make a wise decision and select the university after reading all the eligibility criteria for CPT.

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