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Scholarship Application Documents Set for 2023 Batch

Let’s Prepare Complete Set of Documents for Scholarships Application Submission in this Article – Students often get confused in figuring out which documents are required to apply for scholarships. Therefore, a list of documents required to apply for a scholarship is available in this article. This list of scholarship application documents is going to be very time-saving for all scholarship applicants.

In present times getting a chance for a scholarship is the most opportunist thing that can ever happen to an academician. While applying for a scholarship, little mistakes can render your application useless. So students need to be very careful with the requirements of the scholarship application.

List of Documents Required to Submit a Scholarship Application

To make it easy for you scholarship applicants, i am providing you with a documents checklist that is globally required for any scholarship, one can apply for.

  1. Complete Application Form

The foremost crucial thing to avoid rejection of your scholarship is to fully complete all blocks and columns of your application form. Never leave any space empty. Double-check your application form after filling it out once.

  1. Passport or National ID

A valid passport copy (at least six months validity) or a National ID copy (as per requirement) is the next necessary requirement. In the case of a passport, the first page containing the required information is usually asked to be attached along with the application form.

  1. Attested Copies of Educational Documents

The next requirement for scholarship application is your educational documents which include degrees, diplomas, or transcripts. Attested copies should be attached (ideally in chronological order) with your application. Keep in mind that these documents should have the original stamp and signs of your academic institution authorities. 

Along with educational documents, another most important document is your language proficiency examination document which deems you eligible for admission. Most commonly it is an English language proficiency exam that is required as usual courses are offered in English, however different countries ask for different language proficiency exams. A few of them are the following:

  • English Language Proficiency Exams: IELTS, TOFEL, or Cambridge
  • Spanish Language Proficiency Exam: DELE
  • French Language Proficiency Exams: DELF or DALF
  • German Language Proficiency Exams: DSH, TestDAF, OSD or telc
  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Another required document for your scholarship application is your document “statement of purpose” which makes you acquainted with the admission committee. It is also known as a letter of motivation as it elaborates on your goals, objectives, aptitude, and areas of interest. Keep it up to 400 words. Do not fake any information in it. Be genuine and focus on providing reasons for your interest in a certain scholarship program. 

  1. Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter provides the scholarship providers with an idea about your intellectual and motivational skills regarding a certain academic program. Therefore, it is to be submitted along with your application form. Submit your recommendation letter as per the requirement of the institution. Usually, one recommendation letter suffices the purpose but some institutes may ask for more, therefore do check the requirement for the number of letters. In any case, a recommendation letter from a supervisor or teacher should be submitted because it provides information on your academic progress and achievements. 

  1. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

For a perfect scholarship application, a CV or resume is to be submitted along with other documents. It gives comprehensive details about your skills and interest. Make sure you do not inflate or overstate your qualities here. Be congruent and focus on skills that can help you get noticed by your scholarship providers like computer skills or academic skills or field-related mastery/ proficiency skills. Do not worry about your professional experience because it is not the key purpose here. Also, mention your hobbies and extra-curricular qualities in your CV or resume.

  1. Standardized Test Scores Document

Standardized tests like SAT, ACT, and GRE are always a requirement for scholarship programs. Universities and colleges require you to pass their recommended test. High scorers are given preference. However for awarding scholarships, every minute document holds its importance, and decisions are made after thorough checking of all of them.

  1. Research proposal or Study Plan

Applicants are mostly required to submit their research proposal for the doctoral program or study plan essay for the master’s program along with the application forms.

Which Additional Documents You May Need for Scholarship Application?

Some Universities and Colleges can ask for additional documentation when applying for a scholarship which may include:

  1. Writing a scholarship essay on scholarship-related topics while elaborating on academic achievements. Keep your word count in check.
  2. Portfolio for Arts, Designs, and related programs as it illustrates your GPA score regarding your degree.
  3. A financial statement including the Tax Return of your parents can be asked to be submitted to stand eligible for a scholarship program
  4. Medical certificates are issued by a registered medical health practitioner or government facility in the language of the country that you are applying to. If the language is different then submit two documents, one with the original generated text and the other with the translated copy (which must be translated by an authorized translator).

Keep in mind to always double-check the application requirements from the college or university that you are applying to. Be careful with the checklist. Keep an extra copy of the whole document with yourself. Avoid procrastinating and submit the forms before the due date.

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