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Resume (CV) for Scholarship Applications: Outline and CV Sample with Instructions

Hey! Are you looking forth to win a scholarship from your dream university to fund your higher education? If yes, then you must have conducted your research and must have come to know that getting your hands on a prestigious scholarship award is not a piece of cake. Rather, the reality is quite contradicting. 

Not only do you need to do your own personal prep for interviews, but also need to prepare a number of important documents to present to the scholarship panel. And to be honest, these documents are more important than the interview you are going to give in the future.

So why not spend your time and effort in preparing the best and impactful documents to guarantee yourself a spot on the finalized list of scholarship holders?

CV for Scholarships:-

One of the most important documents required by scholarship panels in the initial stages of almost all scholarship programs is a CV for scholarships. 

But what exactly is a CV for a scholarship? Is it one that we present to corporate bodies at the time of recruitment? 

Well, you can say that it is somewhat similar to the letter with personal academic, and professional details on it.

Definition of a CV for Scholarships:-

A CV for scholarship application is a professional document enlisting personal academic records, acquired skillset, gained professional experience, and objectives. It is used by scholarship aspirants to provide scholarship committees with their necessary credentials and information about their achievements.

What does a CV for Scholarship contain?

A CV for scholarships contains the personal data of a candidate, such as his skill set, personal and professional attributes, previous qualifications, and laureates as well as any previous experience they hold which is relevant to the degree program they are applying to.

What is the importance of a CV for scholarships?

This question crosses the minds of almost every scholarship applicant preparing a CV to go along with their scholarship application. 

And the answer to this is also quite simple. A Scholarship CV (Resume) is mostly required by the scholarship awarding organizations. It is a vital document for scholarship applications because it demonstrates the appropriateness of a candidate to a scholarship reviewing panel for a particular scholarship program by including all of their credentials, both professional and personal, inside a single envelope.

Template for Composing a Professional CV for Scholarship Application:-

In order to compose a professional-looking CV for scholarships, the data should be arranged in a comprehendible format. 

For this purpose, the top most suggestion is to label the data that you intend to include in your CV and section it out. Then, include all the similar data under one heading or paragraph so it looks less cluttered.

Listed below is the standard format for a CV for scholarships:

#1 Personal biodata and Contact info:-

First comes your basic biodata information and contact details. This should be noted at the top of the page, replacing the word ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’ which looks unprofessional and should contain information such as your name in bold, your residential address, a registered phone number, and a valid email address.

#2 Educational details:-

Next come your educational details. Mention all your previous qualifications in chronological form, the latest being at the top, with the name of the institute from where you have acquired that qualification and the year of enrollment and leaving.

#3 Work experience:-

Any job experience that you hold is to be mentioned under this section. 

Just like the educational details, this must also be placed in such a sequence that the latest comes at the top. The name of the affiliated company increases the trustworthiness of your document.

Also, mentioning any notable tasks that you have performed under your capacity also increases your chances of landing the scholarship.

#4 Languages Spoken:-

Show whether you are bilingual or multilingual, in which languages, and whether you can only speak, write, understand or master those languages in this section of your CV for scholarships.

#5 Personal attributes:-

Mention your personal qualities and skillsets under this paragraph. You can also include hobbies, interests, and the scope of your vision towards being an asset for the organization.

#6 Awards and honors:-

Listing any awards, honors, or certifications that you hold at the end of your CV for scholarship puts a great impression on the reviewing party.

Secrets of Writing an impactful CV for Scholarship Application:-

As promised, here are our top tips to make your scholarship CV stand out from those of the rest:

  • Keep it short:-

Reviewing authorities receive thousands of applications, which means thousands of CVs to review. They obviously don’t have the time to go through each of them in-depth. 

Thus, the shorter your keep your scholarship CV, the more chances you guarantee for it to be read till the last.

  • Use a comprehendible format:-

Using paragraphs is a good idea but headings make it even better to understand exactly what you included in your CV.

For instance, if the panel is specifically looking for people with prior experience, they know where to look in your CV.

Moreover, the use of bullets and numbers also improves the readability score of your scholarship CV.

  • Use a professional style font:-

Using the Times Roman font style in size 12 is best when it comes to preparing a CV for scholarships.

  • Review and recheck:-

Lastly, recheck your CV to look for typos and grammatical mistakes, because the last thing that you want is your CV to put a careless impression of yourself in the scholarship panel.

Grab PC to Start Composing Your CV for Scholarship Application:-

Found this content useful? 

Now comes the time for you to start preparing your CV for scholarships. Good luck with your applications.

If you still have some unanswered questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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