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List of Free Medical Schools to Start Studying Medicine

If you are good at your education but can’t pursue it due to financial problems, then, you don’t need to worry about your studies. There are plenty of medical schools offering free education. You can complete your education in a free medical school.

Medical is an arduous subject and demands financial need along with your hard work. If you are a good medical student, you can take admission in any free medical school across the world. The school will support you financially but it demands good scores on your part.

10 Free Medicine Schools Around World

Here, I will provide you a list of 10 free medical schools across the world.

#1 Washington university school of medicine

This medical school offers free education to half of its students and other halves will get the partial tuition-free scholarship. Washington school of medicine is known for its brilliance in education as well as in research. 

It is ranked 6th number by United States news. Over 50% of students got help in education from this university. It joined the free tuition movement in April 2019. Washington university school of medicine has $87,578, first-year cost of attendance without aid. 

#2 New York University

It is an innovator among the free medical school across the globe. This University announced in 2018 that: it will provide free education to its students, despite their financial situation as well as academic record.

 It declared that it would be ranked number 1 among the free medical universities. Before this announcement, every student undertakes to pay $250,000 total. The first-year cost of attendance at this university is $88,163 without aid.

 According to statistical data, a student mostly students are indebted by $100,000. This indebt is a hindrance in their careers. The university raised $450 million after taking 11 years to give free education ideas a reality. It hopes to raise $600 million more. If you want to apply to New York University, you have to face tough competition in the admission process.

#3 Cornell Medical School

Cornell medical school is another famous free medical institute. You can apply for admission to this school for your free education. This school provides free education only to those students who verify that they need financial aid.

If you qualified for free education then you will get the scholarship from the first year. If you are advance in your career, Cornell University will also help you at further stages.

This medical school at Cornell still needs $50 million to keep running the medical program for more students in the future. Cornell medical school has a $90,000 cost of attendance without aid in its first year.

#4 Columbia University

This university introduced the Vagelos scholarship program in 2017. In this sense, the students of this university are the first who get entirely free medical education. 

Columbia University assured to reach 100% for providing help to needy students. It will provide free study materials, room, and board along with free tuition fees. 

If you want to qualify for this university then your household income must be less than $125.000 as per the school record of 2019-2020. The other students have a $62,980 tuition fee in 2020. The first-year cost of attendance without any aid for this university is $94,012.

#5 Cleveland clinic learner medical school. 

This school of medication might be the extra medical school in the U.S in terms of free education. If you want to apply to this school to any extent then you will get a scholarship for complete tuition.

It has almost 30 areas as well as a large number of students for its few locations. You will have to face a lot of competition for getting admission to this school of medicine.

The first-year cost of attendance of Cleveland clinic learner medical school is $94,010. 

#6 The David Geffen Medical School

The University of California’s David Geffen medical school is another school of medicine that offers free education to its medical students. This school provides free tuition based on merit as well as books, supplies, and housing to 20% of students in each class.

This school of medicine also provides a monthly stipend of $2,792 to its awarded students for rent and transportation. If you can’t qualify for full tuition-free, you may apply for the partial scholarship based on merit and student’s need.

The David Geffen Medical School has $76,136 first-year cost of attendance without any aid.

#7 Poznan University of medical sciences 

This is a top university in Poland. It is vibrant among free universities of medical science across the world. It offers free education to national as well as international students. This university is not offering you entirely free tuition fees even so it is affordable in comparison to other western universities such as the UK and the US.

The Poznan University of medical sciences also provides you further practice opportunities. It will provide you simulation lab as well as outpatient clinics. It is also affiliated with several institutions and universities across the globe. 

#8 Kaiser Permanente Medical School

The Kaiser Permanente medical school declared in 2019 that it offers free education to its students from 2020 to 2024. The 48 students will expense $34,500 annually on their living expenses. It is somewhat unfortunate for students of the Pasadena and Calif campus. 

On the other side, Kaiser Permanente school of medicine will give the opportunity of learning at the health care company’s array of hospitals and clinics. 

The Kaiser Permanente Medical School has $95,857 first-year of attendance lacking any aid. 

#9 University of Berlin

The University of Berlin offers you to get admission to Veterinary medicine, Human medicine, and pharmacy. These courses are available at the undergraduate as well as on the postgraduate level. 

It will offer you free education despite your background. However, you will find a little difficulty in maintaining your stay at the university. You will have to pay for your stay in the university’s hostel. 

The University of Berlin will also provide research opportunities to its students. You can become a good researcher through learning at this university.

#10 The University of Bergen, Norway

The university of Bergers proposes health care, medicine, dentistry, and hosts of the university’s clinic learning to you. This university also offers a curriculum of psychology, social sciences, arts, and law. 

The University of Bergen will offer completely free education to its students. So, you can complete your tough medical course without financial tension. You will have to pay just $60 off Student Welfare Organization fee. 

So, you might think that it attracts not only you but many international students. The university has 30% students outside of Norway. The average cost for your monthly lifestyle is $1000. It may vary according to your style of living.  

Summing up

It is encapsulated that you can get an education with a financially weak position. Medical is a difficult subject and also demands finance along with hard work. These universities will help you in completing your dreams and studies. 

All the above-mentioned medical schools are stirring to make education free for deserving students. You can get a scholarship either of merit-based or financial need. 

These institutions of medication are trying their best to help students across the world. There will be more facilities for students of medical sciences over the globe.

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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