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Leave Application Samples and Formats: School Leave Application Sample, College Leave Application Sample, University Leave Application Sample & Office Leave Application Sample

Leave Application Sample from Work - Leave Application Samples

A student, employee, or contractor can avail of a day off by writing a leave application request letter to the corresponding organization. The reason for taking a day off must also be mentioned in the leave application letter.

Every institution has some rules and regulations that a student has to follow no matter what. In the same way, while working in a company, several protocols are designed concerning the company’s policy for various interests.

Likewise, taking a break from the daily duties or classes is also a part of life due to health concerns or other personal reasons. But for such purposes, either employees or students all have to follow a proper channel and submit their leave applications to the concerned authorities.

Taking leave without informing a senior is often considered an offense and the breaching of the company’s protocols.

Definition of Leave Application:

The leave application document is a formal application written to the concerned authorities of any organization or an institution to grant leaves as per the mentioned dates.

In other words, it is a professional way of seeking a pause for a certain period from the educational institute or office.

Moreover, while writing an application, several ways are there to address the concerned supervisor. Other than this, either it is a written leave application or an email application, a few of the rules or points are mandatory to include:

  • The application should be formal and genuine with no casual tone.
  • The reason for absence should be valid and solid.
  • It should get submitted to the concerned member.

Do not forget the content mentioned in the leave application will decide whether the application gets accepted or rejected. So, it has to be concise and meaningful with no extra information.

Types of Leave Applications:

There are two types of leave applications. All thanks to digitization that has introduced the Email Leave Application, mostly used these days comparatively Letter Application Letters.

Format and Outline of a Leave Application:

Following are the main points that one should add while writing an application for school, college, or work.

  • Salutation   
  • Greetings 
  • Leave Date
  • Application Subject
  • Signature in the end

Points to ponder while Writing a Leave Application:

  • The tone for application must be polite and respectful.
  • Make sure the reason must be genuine, not irrelevant, as mentioned above.
  • The purpose of the application must be sound and clear.
  • Keep the application simple and to the point.
  • Avoid making any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Mention the address and designation in the end.

Above were the points to be considered for all types of applications. Here in this article, we will discuss all kinds of leave applications with necessary information.

School Leave Application Sample:

A student or the parents will write a leave application to the principal of the school. Several reasons are there for which a student can ask for a break like; health concerns, sick leave, to attend the wedding, going out of the station, etc.

How to compose a Leave Application for School?

When it comes to writing a leave application for school, one should add the following things to it;

  1. Greeting first.
  2. The subject of the application.
  3. The reason behind taking a leave.
  4. Mention the dates from which you need leaves and till the last date.
  5. Work plan during the absence.
  6. Contact information (email, phone number, and address).
  7. Signature of yours or parents.

Sick Leave Application Sample for School:

Here is the sample of a Sick Leave Application from a student to the Principal of a school. However, the pattern for school leave applications will remain the same. But the subjects and inner content will get changed according to the reasons.

The Principal,
[School Name],
[Address of School],

Subject: [Sick leave application]

Respected Sir / Madam,

With due respect, I want to state that I am suffering from a high fever and severe headache since last night. I will not be able to attend school because of it. Kindly give me leave of two days from [this date] till [that date]. I will be grateful to you.

Thank you, 

Yours Truly,
[Student Name],
[Class and Section],
[Roll Number].

Leave Application for College Sample:

The pattern and format for leave application of college are somehow very much similar. Except for the concerned authorities to whom the application is written.

Sample Application for Sister’s Wedding:

The Principal,
[College Name],
[Address of College],

Subject: [Sister’s Wedding]

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have been a student of your college from [Class] with [Roll no]. I want to state that I won’t be able to attend classes in college due to my sister’s wedding, starting from the next week [this date] till [that date]. I have to make necessary arrangements in this regard. Kindly understand my situation and grant me leave for the mentioned dates.

Thank you, 

Yours Sincerely,
[Student Name],
[Department Name],
[Class and Section],
[Roll Number],
[Contact Number].

University Leave Application Sample:

As we move to a higher level, the tone and language used in the application get more formal and respectful. In the same way, while writing a leave application for university, being a student, we have to address the Head of Department politely.

Sample Application for University:

Here is the application sample for the university. The cause of leave can differ. However, the pattern will remain identical, as mentioned below.

The Head of Department,
[Department Name],
[University Name],

Subject: [Write the cause in one line]

Dear Sir,

I have the honor to mention that I am a student of [Degree program name] of this university with [I.D number]. I would not be able to attend classes from [this date] till [that date] because of extreme sickness. I am also attaching Doctor’s prescription photocopy as proof. Kindly be kind enough and consider my application and grant me leave for said classes. I will be much grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

[Student Name],
[Department Name],
[I.D number].

  • Attach Doctor’s prescription copy.

Office Leave Application Sample:

As said above, while working at a professional level, we become a little extra careful about the writing methods, tone, and language. Similarly, while applying for leave in an office, the application pattern and format matter a lot

Gone are the days when people used to follow letter format for leave applications for office. In this modern age, employees are constantly using email format. The reasons for application could be so many, like sick, casual, annual, paternity/maternity leaves, etc.

Here we will discuss both the formats with their samples in detail.

Letter Format for Office Leave Application:

It consists of the following parts, such as;

  • Name and address of the Receiver
  • Line of Subject
  • Salutation
  • Letter Body
  • A Thank You note
  • Closing statement (complimentary).
  • Employee Name
  • Designation
  • Date


[Concerned Designation],
[Company Name],

Subject: [Annual Application of Leave Request]

Dear [Designation Mr. / Miss / or Mrs] [Recipient’s Name]

I have written this leave application letter to send a formal request for granting me long-term leave. Therefore, I am looking for days off from [date] to [date]. I have already done with my yearly leave allowance.

I want you to consider my leave application for twenty days as I am going on a vacation with my family. I would love to take the leave from [start date] till [end date].

I have also handed over my current project to [employee name] with all the relevant details. However, I will be available at [email address/ contact number] during my absence.

I will resume work as soon as I come back from my holiday on [this date] probably.

Thank you for considering.

Yours Faithfully,

[Employee Name],

Email Format of Leave Application:

There are a few essential points to add while drafting a leave application for office in an email format, such as;

  • Add a subject line like “Leave Application.”
  • Add Recipient’s Name.
  • Letter Body including necessary and relevant details.
  • Thank you Note.
  • Formal Closing.
  • Employee Name.
  • Job title (optional).
  • Date.



Subject: [Paternity leave application]

Dear [Name of Recipient]

I am addressing to let you know that my wife’s due date is nearing the end of the month. Hence, I have planned to utilize my paternity leave from [this date] till [that date] according to the paternity leave policy.

I have allocated all my duties to [colleague name] during my absence. However, I am available on [email address/ contact number] during my leave tenure.

I appreciate your consideration in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

[Employee Name],

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