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German KAAD Scholarships 2022 – Fully Funded – Study free in Germany

Scholarship Deadline Always Open
Open for Applications September 20, 2021
Remaining Days Always Open
Opportunity Germany Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country Germany

The German government opened the application window for the fully funded KAAD German Government Scholarships 2022-2023 and the deadline to submit an application is approaching quite soon.

If you too want to benefit from all this and more, we have good news for you. The German government is starting to accept online applications for the Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer Dienst Scholarship program soon.

So, we suggest that you start gathering all the necessary information for applying to the respective scholarship, and how better to do that, than by going through this post?

Details Regarding the KAAD German Government Scholarships 2022-2023:

The KAAD German Scholarship Program encourages students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America to earn their Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees from a German university. 

This program has two categorical levels, S1 and S2. S1 scholarships are for those students who reside in a foreign country while the S2 scholarships are exclusively allotted for the German national students.

Coverage Allowances of the KAAD German Scholarships:-

The KAAD German Scholarships are a fully-funded award for international students, which means that they cover all the expenses of the selected candidate, including the following overheads:

  • Academic expenses
  • Health care
  • Travel allowance
  • Airfare from home country to Germany and back
  • Stipend towards living accommodation
  • Fully funded language courses prior to class commencement.

Eligibility criteria for the KAAD German Scholarships 2022-2023:-

Out of the pool of applications, only the applications of those candidates are further processed, who fulfill the eligibility criteria for the DAAD German Scholarships. So make sure that you abide by the criteria before sending in your application.


  • All international students which have either an African, Asian, Middle Eastern or Latin American nationality is eligible to apply to the KAAD German Scholarships provided that they are permanent residents of the same regions.

Religious requirements:

  • Candidates must be Catholic members or members of any other Christian sect
  • Candidates who practice other religions may also apply to the KAAD German Scholarship Program, provided that they are proposed by Catholic partners and are able to commit to the interfaith dialogue.

Degree requirements:

  • For Master’s program applicants: Candidates must possess a 4 years Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent qualification
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants: Candidates must possess a Master’s degree or any equivalent qualification
  • Candidates must have a GPA of 3.0 or at least a grade B.

Professional experience:

  • The applicants must have at least professional experience in their country.

Age requirements:

  • Candidates applying to a Master’s degree program must not be more than 30 years old
  • Ph.D. Program applicants must be 35 years of age at most.

Language requirements:

  • All the applicants must be able to communicate in German or get enrolled in the 6 monthly long language course funded by KAAD Scholarship Program.

Other requirements:

  • The candidates must be willing to engage in post-doctoral research work in addition to pursuing their Master’s or Ph.D. Degrees from an accredited German university
  • The students must portray an academic performance of above-average throughout their semesters and research projects
  •  The students must work towards the betterment of their home countries after getting their degrees
  • The candidates must be willing to be involved in extracurricular activities, cultural and religious events, and productive discussions.

How to apply to the KAAD German Scholarships 2022:-

The procedure of applying to the KAAD German Scholarships is not a tedious one. You can easily apply to the KAAD German Scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023 by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Sign up to the official website:

All the applicants must sign up to the official website of KAAD German Scholarships.

Step 2: Download the application form:

Download the online application form present on the official website and fill out the details.

Step 3: Attach your documents:

Attach a scanned version of the documents required by the scholarship panel.

Step 4: Submit your application:

Submit your KAAD German Scholarship application online.

Note: None of the candidates can apply to more than one post-graduate program. Special consideration is given to those students who opt for a course program relevant to their native countries.

List of documents required for the KAAD German Scholarships 2022-2023:-

The list of documents required for the KAAD German Scholarships has not been disclosed yet. However, in the previous years, the following documents were demanded from the students:

Application deadline for the KAAD German Scholarships 2022:-

The application and selection process for the KAAD German Scholarships is held twice a year online, generally in March and September. 

To know the application deadline for the program you are applying to, visit the official website of KAAD German Scholarships.

Final wordings:-

This article provided you with a complete guide regarding the KAAD German Scholarships 2022-2023. This brings the end of this article. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below and we would be glad to answer them.

With that said, this article comes to its conclusion. Until our next educational news story, Adios!

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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