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How to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship?

Scholarship Deadline October 15, 2021
Open for Applications August 1, 2021
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity UK Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country United_Kingdom (UK)

Interested in studying for free in top Universities? Consider applying for the fully funded Rhodes Graduate Scholarships 2022-2023 academic session today!

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Rhodes Trust is a charitable organization that helps outstanding students from all across the globe to get an education at the prestigious University of Oxford. The Rhodes Scholarships established postgraduate prizes that help students enroll at Oxford University. They are the world’s earliest overseas postgraduate scholarship initiative, having been founded in 1903. A total of 102 Rhodes Trust scholarships are awarded each year through this program.

Individuals from all across the globe are eligible to apply. Approximately 50% of the Scholars in residence are Black, Native, or Ethnic minorities, accounting for 20% of the total. The Rhodes Charity provides a significant boost to Oxford’s purpose of growing postgraduate student diversification, especially among Black students, and more so are dedicated to working with the college to accomplish this objective.

Funding Allowance of Rhodes Scholarship

Being the oldest and most renowned worldwide scholarship program, the Rhodes Scholarship is allowing brilliant young individuals from all around to get a chance to learn at Oxford University.

The Rhodes Scholarship will handle the awarded student’s tuition fee, traveling expenses, medical insurance, and other living costs while in the United Kingdom. In addition, the beneficiaries will receive a monthly allowance. The allowance for this academic year 2021 is announced at £15,900 per year, i.e., £1325 each month.

The comprehensive Conditions of Tenure document delineates the authorized mixes of degree programs as well as the number of years of study that are supported through the Scholarship, even though the aforementioned is dependent on curriculum selection – for instance, Academics who end up choosing to pursue a Ph.D. at Oxford can receive up to 3 years of expenses and allowances.

The Rhodes Trust shall finance the processing fee to enroll at the Oxford university if you are selected as the grantee. The fund will pay the expenses of a Tier 4 student visa as well as the International Health Surcharge (IHS). This allows overseas students to use the NHS in the UK. For both at the start and finish of their schooling in Oxford, the Rhodes Trust will pay two economies class travel to and from the UK. Students get moving in stipend when they arrive in Oxford.

Students that transfer to a second-degree program in Oxford will be eligible for financial aid to meet the cost of visa continuation and a renewed registration for the IHS. Upon registration, a variety of academic funds are accessible to Rhodes Scholars, allowing them to join foreign conferences or perform further fieldwork.

Check Your Eligibility for Rhodes Trust Scholarship:

For you to be eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship, one has to receive an acceptance from the University of Oxford. Other than that, the candidate will gain the above advantages if they satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Even though the Rhodes Scholarship is available to apply to all across the world, it is still essential to check if your country is authorized to enter the opportunity. Pakistan, India, Canada, Singapore, China, and Australia are just names of a few that are welcome to apply.
  • The candidate has to have completed their four years of high school in the last 10 years in their country of residence. 
  • When applying for the Rhodes Scholarship, the candidate must be in the age group of 19-25 years. 
  • To be enrolled in a postgraduate degree, the candidate must have their undergraduate degree completed or must be earned by the June/July of 2022. 
  • The candidate is only allowed to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship twice. This may vary and be dependent on the situation.

Get Familiar with Rhodes Trust Scholarship Application Process:

To apply for the Rhodes Scholarship, there are a few steps that need to be thoroughly followed by the candidate. However, the application process is simple and online without any application fee.

Following is a list of steps that will help you submit your Rhodes trust Scholarship application: 

  • The initial step would be to check the submission date and the deadline.
  • The candidate is advised to go through supporting documents and guidelines available on the Rhodes Scholarship official website. These links will help in the preparation of the candidate’s application. These guidance links are accessible under this article. 
  • In the same tab, the candidate must check out the heading “Conditions of Tenure” to ensure the course they want to enroll for is available under the Rhodes Scholarship. 
  • It is essential that the candidate comprehensively checks for their eligibility and makes the choice of the course they want to go for at Oxford. 
  • The candidate will be required to register on the website of Rhodes and create an account. 
  • Once the candidate has submitted what is required apart from the application form, the candidate will be invited for social engagement and an interview upon selection. 
  • The candidate will receive an email to be informed of their results for the application.

Document Requirement for Rhodes Trust Scholarship Application Filing:

Along with the online completion of the application, the candidates are required to upload photocopies of supporting documents and information. All these documents must be in English. In the case that they are not, the paperwork must be translated. More so, once the candidate is selected they might be asked to bring along all mandatory documents in their original form. 

Following is a checklist for all the necessary documents needed for submission of online application for Rhodes Trust Scholarship Fund:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Identification Card
  • Transcripts are needed as proof of your degree, grades, and GPA. 
  • O and A levels results
  • In this case, English is not the candidate’s first language they are required to provide language test scores. For further details on this, click here
  • CV (A photograph of the candidate should not be included in it) 
  • Photographs (head to shoulders only) 
  • Academic Statement of Study (Maximum 750 words). Through this the candidate will be able to showcase why they want to study at the University of Oxford, the preferred choice of course, and why. 
  • Personal Statement (Maximum 1000 words). While the aforementioned supporting documents shed light on the candidate’s dedication and achievements, the personal statement is more about the candidate as a person. This will allow the candidate to talk about what inspires them, what matters to them, and what are their priorities. 
  • Four mandatory references, from which three will be from the candidate’s previous academic instructors and one will be from previous work experience.

Rhodes Trust Scholarship Application Deadline:

The last date to submit your online application for the Rhodes Trust Scholarship varies from country to country but the general deadline is October 15, 2021.

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