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Fully Funded KAAD German Scholarships 2022-2023 for International Students

Scholarship Deadline November 30, 2021
Open for Applications August 1, 2021
Remaining Days Closed
Opportunity Germany Scholarships
Funding AmountFully Funded
Country Germany

Katholischer Akademischer Auslander-Dienst (KAAD) is offering the fully funded German KAAD Scholarships 2022-2023 to international students for sponsoring the higher education in German Universities every year.

International students interested in getting a fully-funded scholarship in Germany can apply to the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) Scholarships. These scholarships like the DAAD scholarships are for students from developing countries. Students from selected countries of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are welcome to apply. 

KAAD scholarships are available for master’s and doctoral level students who want to take up studies in Germany.

KAAD Scholarship Types:

KAAD Scholarship Program 1: This is for those post-graduates and academicians who have already been in the professional world and now want to take up some postgraduate program or a research stay in Germany. The program is overseen by the partner committees. The staff is made up of university professors and church representatives. Every eligible country has its own committee to whom the documents can be submitted.

KAAD Scholarship Program 2: This program is for those students who are enrolled in a German University and want to get a scholarship to fund their studies. 

More about KAAD:

The Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) is an institution for German Catholic Church. This institution strives to take in brilliant catholic minds from developing countries and provide them with scholarships and religious guidance in Germany.

Students selected for the scholarship usually have above-average results in their studies and have research publications. They have the desire to take part in religious events and they are active in interreligious dialogues and debates.

Applicants can apply to excel in any subject area of their choice. But, KAAD has specified some subject areas that it deems important to the development of the applicant’s home country. Applicants for the Ph.D. programs are advised to select one of those prescribed research areas.

KAAD Scholarships Perks and Benefits:

This is a fully-funded scholarship that covers all the educational and living expenses of students. The universities in Germany are mostly public universities and hence they do not charge any tuition fee. KAAD offers support for living expenses, medical expenses, registration and enrollment expenses, etc.

KAAD also offers language courses to recipients who do not have basic proficiency in the German language. The language training will be given prior to the commencement of the recipient’s study program.

Eligibility Criteria for KAAD Scholarship:

The applicants need to make sure to fulfill the following set of basic requirements in order to stand eligible to apply for the KAAD German Scholarships:

  • Applicants must be citizens of a developing country of Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the Middle East. They should also be currently residing there. 
  • They should possess a university degree and job experience. Both the degree and the experience must have been earned in the applicants’ home country.
  • They should be applying to a German university to take up a master’s program or Ph.D. program. They can also be applying for post-doctoral research in Germany.
  • They should possess German language proficiency of a basic level. Under the KAAD scholarship, recipients can be provided a language course for a maximum of six months.
  • With that applicants needs to check degree eligibility requirements at department websites.

KAAD Scholarships Process of Application:

  • As a first request, interested applicants will fill out an application form by KAAD (Link given at the far end of this article). They will then be sent a questionnaire that they will have to fill.
  • If applicants have any questions, they can email them or can contact the respective partner committee in their home countries for clarifying any queries that they may have.
  • Some applicants will have to fulfill English language or some other language requirements.
  • The application procedure is double staged. Not all applicants will necessarily make it to the second stage of application. The priority in this scholarship is given to Catholics and some applicants may be disqualified from the application even before completing the application procedure.

Documents Required for KAAD Scholarship Application:

At this first stage of the application, there is no requirement to submit any documents.

Selection in KAAD:

This KAAD German scholarship program is only designed for students from developing countries. The applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • First preference will be given to applicants belonging to the Catholic school of thought.
  • A small quota is fixed for applicants who are Orthodox Christians, Protestant Christians, and Muslims
  • In a limited number of cases, Catholic priests and religious scholars are offered the scholarship.
  • The number of scholarships awarded each year varies. 

KAAD Scholarship Application Deadline:  

The last date of applying for the German KAAD scholarships is November 30, 2021.

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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