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Experience Certificate Templates, Format, and Samples

An experience certificate is a professional document that allows the employee to prove their work record to the new workplace or a firm for further employment. The employers would need to get familiar with your previous or current employement record to issue an experience certificate reflecting on your past capability and services. 

If you want to apply for a job opportunity or you would like to take on a new challenge, a potential employer will demand a work portfolio. Among several other important documents, the applicant needs to have an experience letter. It is an essential piece of document that a company or employer might demand from you, but what exactly is it?

Two of the most notable documents crucial for further employment are a character certificate and an experience certificate. However, in this article, we will discuss an experience certificate, what exactly is it and how to write one

What Exactly is an Experience Certificate? 

You can define an experience letter as “an official affirmation letter issued by a company in which the person (regarding whom the letter is made) has worked previously, identifying all the services and understanding that he retains or has developed during his working tenure at the firm”

Some individuals might regard it as a work experience letter. Another reason why it’s so important that every firm demands it before officially hiring an employee is that an experience letter also contains the work ethics and habits of the past employees and its code of conduct throughout the work period besides the duration for which they were a part of the company. 

Therefore, an experience letter is not only official recognition of an employee’s services to a firm previously but also is a reflection of the character and work ethics. These are some attributes that employers and organizations very seriously consider worldwide. It defines the person they will hire and whether he has what it takes to work at the required level.

When does someone need an Experience Certificate?

If you have previously worked somewhere but are now applying for a new post, the new employer would demand the experience certificate as part of the recruitment documents criteria. An employee can demand an experience certificate for their resignation from the work post. So, an Employer issues an experience certificate to the employee when they are relieved of their job duties. 

If the company terminates the employee’s contract due to any limitations or directly firing them, the company is responsible for providing them with the experience certificate. It is a legal obligation for the company to provide this document to the employer to facilitate a further job opportunity. 

Purpose of Experience Certificate 

An experience certificate holds an enormous value and significance among the documents as part of the recruitment process. It is one of the primary things that a potential employer might demand. Thus, you need to provide it to ensure that the company can formalize any potential agreement without contradictions or ambiguity. Therefore, the following are some of the purposes that a company issues an experience certificate for its employee

  • For the employee, an experience certificate is a reflection of its work. It allows them to communicate their capability, skill, and knowledge with factual proof in a much more profound way. 
  • An Experience certificate associate the employee with their former employer providing a clear idea of its work ethic, code of conduct, and working capacity
  • For the employer, it simplifies the hiring process since it provides them with a clear idea of what the potential employee is capable of, and they can make better technical decisions based on the knowledge
  • An experience certificate also validates for the employer whether the person they are going to hire would already start at forwarding footing, considering he already has experience in the field
  • The experience certificate also contains information about the code of conduct, so this makes it easier for the employer to shortlist the candidates based on the company criteria

Format of an Experience Certificate

An experience certificate does not have a fixed criterion that every company in the world follows when issuing it. However, there are various essential things that you can find almost in any employment certificate. Thus these things are compulsory for all the experience certificates. 

Here are a few things that include in the standard format of an experience certificate. These are essential terms laid down under the certificate

  • Company letterhead

Experience certificates only issue under the company’s official letterhead. It allows them to formalize the fact that the person has gained it directly from a particular company. Thus, it is one of the primary elements inside an experience certificate that you need.

  • Date 

The next thing is the date. The employer has to mention the date of the day the certificate issues to the previous employee. The employer’s half also helps them recognize the last time a firm hired the person to ensure there is no leap in the employment duration as it could be a question for the interview. 

  • Subject line

The subject line provides a short essence of the certificate accumulated inside it. It also performs as the header of the certificate.

  • Salutation

As the exact address of the experience, the letter is not known, thus in the salutation place, the term “To Whom It May Concern is often used.”

  • Main body

The main body is an essential part of the experience certificate. It must contain the candidate’s name, their father’s name, and the date of employment at the firm, the service duration, and the resignation date.

  • Signature

A signature formalizes the agreement on behalf of the issuing party.

  • Contact Information

A company can use the contact information to validate the document you provide. Furthermore, it can contact the previous employers and ask for their character or any related information.

Experience Letter Sample 

The following is a sample for an experience certificate, although you should remember that it could vary between different organizations.

Company name: – XYZ Corporation”,
City: – Manhattan”,
Date: January 14th, 2021.”

Subject: Experience certificate in favor of XYZ person.”

“To whom it may concern.”

This letter is to certify that the “name of the candidate” “son/daughter of” (candidate’s father’s name) was a part of our organization on July 15th, 2007 on the position of Junior Sales Executive for a specified duration.

The candidate served our organization for nine years. Over the years, they got a promotion to the designation of Senior Sales Manager. This candidate was relieved of their duties on December 12th, 2021.

This candidate’s major job responsibilities included managing the marketing and product teams, meeting and exceeding the sales targets, creating sales plans, and assigning sales territories to their teams. This candidate, with excellent efficiency, performed all these activities. 

The candidate possesses an excellent work ethic and is a quick learner who always strives to improve their knowledge and skill relevant to the field. During their employment in our company, we always found their attitude and work ethics beyond satisfactory 

In addition to this, the candidate has an excellent moral character and is always open to learning more.

We wish them success in the future.

“Name of the sender”,
“Signature of the sender”,
“The person writing the certificate: – HR Manager”,
“Contact details”,
“Phone number: XXXX-XXXX-xxx”,
“Email address: [email protected]”.

Experience Certificate Samples

Experience Certificate Sample 1
Experience Certificate Sample 1
Experience Certificate Sample 2
Experience Certificate Sample 2
Experience Certificate Sample 3
Experience Certificate Sample 3


The importance and significance of an experience certificate are explained in great detail above. However, it would be best always to remember that the certificate reflects your work ethics, capability, and character to your potential employer. To achieve that, you need to satisfy the previous employer first with the proper conduct and ethics.

So it would help if you are mindful of everything while in the course of action during work.

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