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Fully-Funded Medicine (MBBS) Scholarships 2022-2023 for International Students

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The online applications for medical (MBBS) Scholarships 2022-2023 are being accepted in various top-ranked medical colleges globally. It is requested to go through this article to get familiar with medical scholarship options for yourself.

The 15 fully-funded Medical (MBBS) Scholarships for international students with full funding are enrolling students at the moment and this is your golden ticket to win a Medicine Scholarship by submitting an application for a fully-funded MBBS Scholarship!

So have you ever dreamt of studying medicine abroad? Well, it is no hidden fact that medical is very expensive.

But if you are determined to pursue medical and are passionate to save lives, then you have a golden opportunity to apply for MBBS through various scholarship programs offered by various countries. This will not only save you from multiple student loans but also be able to practice your dream career path!

This way you will not only fulfill your dream of studying MBBS and also save yourself a huge amount of money. You may either opt for a partially funded scholarship or a fully-funded Medical scholarship. 

The main objective of MBBS scholarship programs is to fulfill the dream of the deserving students and to support a majority of them to be able to pursue their degrees. 

Moreover, the lack of research and potential research is waiting to be fulfilled. All of which can positively impact humanity and save them.

Hence, for the reasons mentioned above, there are a considerable number of international universities willing to offer MBBS scholarships to capable students, especially from third-world countries. 

Since applications for Medical Scholarships 2022 have been initiated, do not miss out a second and start applying! Do not miss out on this lifetime’s chance to study medicine with financial aid.

The one common thing that comes to the mind of the majority of people is that medicine is only MBBSc. But it is a lot more than that. It included veterinary, nursing, and other researching medical fields.

List of 15 Fully-funded Medicine Scholarships

Following is a list of fifteen MBBS scholarships 2022 offered across the globe:

#1 Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships:

The Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarship offers various kinds of scholarships to students who are suffering financially. The students who are not financially stable enough to sustain themselves must provide a financial statement as a backing to their claims. Then, they will be offered a certain amount of financial help depending on the financial backing they provide. 

This fully-funded scholarship covers tuition and other compulsory fees and is awarded up to eight semesters.

#2 USA Medical and Surgical MBBS Scholarship Program:

The USA Medical and Surgical MBBS Scholarship Program offers 1,500 USD, every six months, to the applicant who has successfully received this scholarship award. The applying procedure is simple. You must write an essay of at least 1200 words about how medical supplies and equipment helps in the healing process of people and saves lives. Each student is based completely on the basis of the essay they have submitted.

#3 Tylenol Future Care MBBS Scholarships

Tylenol Future Care MBBS Scholarships are specifically for students who are pursuing healthcare or medicine. This scholarship is divided into two categories. Ten out of thirty-five scholarships are worth 10,000 USD and the rest twenty-five are 5,000 USD each. 

The application process requirement is to submit two essays and their medical school results. This scholarship is merit-based. The applicants are judged on the grounds of their merit, their involvement in community work, and the essence of their essays.

Tylenol Future Care MBBS Scholarships can be used to pay tuition, books, supplies, and even equipment. However, you must not be enrolled in a profit medical school.

#4 MBBS Scholarship at Donghua University (DHU) China:

The MBBS Scholarship at Donghua University in Chine comes under the ministry of education in China. The Donghua University or DHU for abbreviation purposes is a highly prestigious university that offers twenty-nine doctoral programs, fifty-eight undergraduate programs, and seventy master’s degree programs.

International Students from all over the world qualify to apply.

#5 King’s College London Medical MBBS Scholarship Awards:

The Kings College in London offers medical MBBS scholarship awards in the department of global health and social medicine at the level of undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. The scholarships award 3,000 GBP for three years for their undergraduate level. In total the awardee receives 9,000 GBP. This is only available for BA or BSc in global health and social medicine.

The same case is for master’s level; a total of 9,000 over the course of three years. This is only available for students applying for Masters in gerontology, bioethics, global health, aging, and social medicine.

#6 Imperial College Medical School MBBS Scholarships Program:

The Imperial College Medical School Scholarship Program offers this scholarship award at BSc and MBBS level in their Faculty of Medicine. 

These Medical scholarship programs are as follows:

  • Palmer Awards are awarded for two years and offer 150 GBP per year.
  • McCowen Scholarship awards offer 300 GBP for two years of study.
  • Adrian Taylor Scholarship offers 3,000 GBP for a whole year
  • Presidential awards are worth1,000 GBP over the course of four years. So, 1,000 GBP per year. 
  • Martin Turner Award is awarded for 1,700 GBP for a year.
  • The Fleming Scholarships are given in the form of tuition fee reimbursement. This is worth 3,375 GBP for two years only.

#7 Queen Mary University London Medical MBBS Awards:

The Queen Mary University in London offers the Barts Scholarship for the students pursuing Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This scholarship offers 5,000 GBP every year for five years. However, it highly depends and continues on the basis of the awardee’s progress in their respected program. It is an entrance scholarship award and has only three award slots been offered.

#8 University of Wollongong MBBS Scholarships:

The University of Wollongong MBBS Scholarships is offered to students enrolled in their medical and healthcare programs. This scholarship award is given in the form of fee waivers. The highest fee waiver is up to 50% while the minimum scholarship fee waiver is offered at 10%. 

Some country-specific waivers are also available and the majority of them are up to 20% only. Most of these country-specific waivers are for third-world countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Kenya.

#9 John Hamel MacGregor MBBS Scholarships:

The John Hamel MacGregor MBBS Scholarship is offered only at the University of Auckland, Australia. This award is specified for students pursuing MBChB. MBChB is abbreviation for Medicine Baccalaureus et Baccalaureus Chirurgiae. In other words, Bachelor of medicine or Bachelor of Surgery.

This is the MBBS of Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. If you are a lucky receiver of this scholarship award, then you will be awarded it for a year. However, if you wish to continue receiving the scholarship, then you may reapply next year. The John Hamel MacGregor MBBS Scholarship has five award slots available per year.

 #10 Baillieu Research MBBS Scholarships:

The Baillieu Research MBBS Scholarship is awarded to two students at the University of Melbourne in the fields of commerce, economics, medicine, health sciences, law, and criminology. The scholarship is offered for living expenditure purposes to students who are participants in research-based studies at the university.

The scholarship offers 97,000 AUD and the expenses are paid bi-monthly. Moreover, the award also offers a relocation allowance for the recipients who are residing outside Victoria, Australia. In addition, a sufficient number of paid sickness, maternity, and paternity leaves are also available to the recipients.

#11 Ibn Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship program:

The Ibn Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship program is a fully-funded government initiative to award scholarships to applicants from outside Turkey. It is offered for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels in the fields of Bachelor of Dental, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, and Veterinary medication.

The medical scholarship is offered to candidates from all around the world who do not hold Turkish nationality. Moreover, the scholarship is offered for eighty-four months that covers all the living expenses, accommodation, tuition fees, health expenses, transportation, and Turkish language course.

This Turkish MBBS Scholarship package that provides accommodations, tuition fees, cover allowances, transportation services, Turkey language courses, and health expenses. It is for the students from developing countries, and it is initiated by the Turkish government itself.

#12 Karolinska Institute of Sweden MBBS Scholarships:

The Karolinska Institute of Sweden MBBS Scholarship offers master’s scholarships to scholars willing to continue postgraduate in any medical field program offered in the institution. The award offers partial tuition fee coverage and has only ten award slots.

#13 Universiteit van Amsterdam MBBS Scholarships:

The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship offered by the University of Amsterdam is for those exceptional students who are enrolled in a master’s program in healthcare or medicine. the value of each award is 4,000 EUR which the students can use to pay for their educational expenses.

#14 Novo Nordisk Foundation Medical Scholarships:

The Novo Nordisk Foundation MBBS Scholarships or the NNF scholarships for short is a scholarship program for a research scientist in the fields of biomedical sciences and biotechnology. This scholarship offers only four award slots and is preferably awarded to researchers who are in their early years of research and have an excellent research topic. The grant offers twenty-five million DKK. Out of, twenty-five million, seven million is reserved for the experimental laboratory setup and research centers. This scholarship award is offered for up to seven years.

#15 Russian Medical Colleges Educational Grants:

The Russian Medical Colleges Educational Grants offers scholarship to students from multiple countries that do not hold the Russian Nationality. Students with an excellent academic background are advised to apply for this scholarship grant. The scholarship award covers all the living expenses, academic expenses, tuition fees, transportation, accommodation, healthy expenses, and maintenance costs.

Mehwish Farooq

It is our pleasure to have Mehwish with us as a mentor for our students. She is one of those successful scholars who won fully funded scholarships and now her writings guide the young talent to follow her footsteps to success.

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